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I am very happy with how my move went. From Joe, my estimator, to the ladies in the office, to the crew, it was all excellent. Joe was extremely responsive and helpful from the time he gave me the estimate until my move date. The crew was great... They wrapped everything up as if I was moving much further than a mile! I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them.
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It is that time of the year again — back to school season, a challenging follow-up to moving season. In August and September, college students are moving back to school, freshmen are hectically planning their dorm move-in for the first time, and recently-moved families try to unpack all of their back-to-school belongings to prepare. Whether you are moving a college student, settling in after your summer-time move, or welcoming new neighbors, we have tips to help you out!

College-Bound Moving Tips that Save Time, Money, and Hassle

College move-ins are rarely stress-free. Besides moving in at the same time as potentially thousands of other students, you are also dealing with a lot of emotions and an important point in your son or daughter’s life. The key to minimizing stress is to be prepared–and we have you covered with this article.

7 Housewarming Gifts for Your New Neighbor

Everyone wants to have a friendly relationship with their neighbors — to feel comfortable leaving the spare key with them in case you ever get locked out. Start things off positively by bringing them a welcoming housewarming gift.

Make Moving Fun for Kids

Moving with kids presents very unique challenges. Children are full of energy and need to stay active, but moving requires organization, precision, and attention. Use these tips to ensure your child does not interfere with the move, has the opportunity to help, and maybe even enjoys it!

13 Things I Learned from Moving Myself

A JK employee moved himself, and came back with plenty of tips for others. Whether you are hiring a moving company or moving yourself, these tips can definitely help.

Back to school time is an exciting time in life, but also can be nerve-racking, especially when dealing with unforeseen obstacles. With the above articles, you can minimize mistakes and optimize efficiency so that you can focus on what matters most.

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When Josh Will first joined JK, he spent his first month training with and assisting the Residential and Commercial services teams during jobs. Then, he joined one of the drivers and traveled with him to Georgia for a delivery. Josh’s commitment to cooperation has made him an asset at JK. Drivers and crew members can trust that Josh understands any obstacles they may encounter because he has been out on jobs with them. Josh is a true team player.

“When an individual first starts at JK Moving Services, I would tell them to embrace the team atmosphere… Get to know the people around you and get to know their stories. Let that inspire them to grow with the company.”

He perfectly exemplifies one of our enterprise Core Values, Together We Succeed. You can view Josh’s full video below. You can also read a full interview with Josh from our Meet the People of JK series here: Meet Josh Will.

This video is part of JK’s #TalentTuesday series, which you can view immediately as they are posted on Tuesdays to our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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College-Bound Moving Tips

Fall is just around the corner, and school will soon be in session. And if you have college-bound kids, it is nearly time to move them into their new dormitory. Maybe you are moving your first child, maybe you are moving your last and are about to be an empty-nester! Regardless of your situation, there are a few college moving tips to ensure an easier move-in.

Plan ahead and get an early start.

Your college student should connect with their future roommate ahead of time (many incoming college students use Facebook to get in touch before move-in day) to see what shared items–television, mini-fridge, shelves, etc.–they will be bringing, as well as when they will be moving in. Dormitory buildings are often small, so it is a good idea to move in before or after the roommate, not at the same time. Dormitory buildings often do not have air conditioning (pack a desk fan!), so plan to move in the morning to avoid working in the mid-day heat. You should also make sure your college-bound kid’s dorm does not ban certain items, such as microwaves or candles. Parking and elevator lines may also be a nightmare midday, as many parents are trying to move their children in as well; arriving early has its perks!

Sort it out.

Sort items into essentials and non-essentials. As previously noted, dorm rooms are often small, so leaving the non-essentials at home is key to eliminating clutter in the new space. When unpacking, make sure items such as candles, aerosol sprays, and certain electronics are unloaded first as these items can melt, explode, or suffer damage from the extreme heat of being locked in a car.

Resist shopping right away.

It is typical for college-bound teens to stock up on various supplies before moving into their new dorm. However, it might be best to wait. Often, you’ll end up buying things you don’t need or that the roommate already has. This is why planning ahead is so important–knowing which roommate can bring typical shared items makes it much easier to compile a shopping list. Wait until your student has settled in with their roommate so that they have a better grasp of which items are actually needed. Consult resources such as Bed Bath & Beyond’s campus checklist to see what you may or may not need heading into the new school year.

Moving into college can be a stressful experience, but by scheduling and preparing a college-bound move ahead of time using these college moving tips, you and your family can save money, headaches, and time. We wish you and your college-bound kid a stress-free move and a successful school year!